Without You

Buddy Eugene & Claudia

Singing original traditional country music with a heartfelt style.

Country Music Recording Artists Buddy Eugene and Claudia

The duet team of Buddy Eugene and Claudia have released their new debut album titled

“Without You”. The new release is a multi-production of true traditional homespun original country music.

Eleven songs were written by Eastern Kentucky born Ewen Vires, Argos, Indiana and one song,

“Oh, How I Tried ”, by Buddy Eugene himself, as he drifts back into his early life and recalls the ending to his first “true love” romance.

These new tunes range from the legends of fast country styles to slow mind drifting love ballads.

Buddy Eugene and Claudia blend harmonies to yield a soft soothing love song called “Coming Down From Loving You”.

Background accents are performed admirably by Teena Nichols displaying her honky tonk piano style. JD Woods

lends his own distinctive lead style with the songs “ If Love Died Tomorrow ” and “ I ask God for a flower ”.

Singing for these two songs finds a role reversal for the duet with Claudia singing lead and Buddy Eugene supporting with backup vocals.

Buddy Eugene, a Leesburg, Indiana singer, introduced himself to Claudia Bailey, Akron Indiana, seven years ago thus creating a

harmonic duet team singing and playing acoustic guitar. A local mainstay for country singing

and country life they have combined efforts to produce this new CD titled “Without You”.

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